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Land Development
Design Manual
Stormwater Management Design Manual

Greenville County has provided this design aid manual to assist in both streamlining the stormwater permitting application process and for guidance for evaluation and implementation of best management practices for stormwater quantity and quality.

The Design professional should be thoroughly familiar with the design manual and submit a complete package (based on the checklist) in order to minimize the number of resubmittals and total review time.

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Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Stormwater Management Requirements and Standards
Chapter 3 Plan Submittal
Chapter 4 Easements
Chapter 5 Hydrology
Chapter 6 Hydraulics
Chapter 7 Storm Water Detention Design and Downstream Analysis
Chapter 8 Erosion and Sediment Control
Chapter 9 Water Quality
Chapter 10 Low Impact Development
Chapter 11 Stream Protection and Restoration
Chapter 12 Inspection and Enforcement Procedures
Appendix A Rainfall and USLE Data
Appendix B Culvert Design Nomographs
Appendix C Soils
Appendix D EPSC Suggested Uses and BMP Selection Flow Chart
Appendix E During Construction EPSC Specifications and Details
Appendix F Post Construction WQ BMP Suggested Uses
Appendix G Post Construction WQ Specifications and Details
Appendix H Suggested BMPs For High Density Urban Centers
Appendix I Water Quality Factors for Fee Credits
Appendix J References
Appendix K Figures