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Register of Deeds
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The Register of Deeds (ROD) records land titles, liens and other documents pertaining to property transactions in Greenville County. The office is responsible for preserving these records and making them accessible to the public. The Greenville County Register of Deeds maintains land records dating back to the late 1700s when the county was created. We offer access to those records free of charge through our online Public Records Search and provide certified copies from our office for a small fee. Please be aware that our staff is unable to provide legal advice or perform title searches.

In South Carolina, the Register of Deeds office was originally called the Register of Mesne Conveyance (RMC). A mesne conveyance is an intermediate transfer; it occupies an intermediate position in a chain of title between the first grantee and the present holder. On January, 1, 1998, the name Register of Mesne Conveyance was changed by state law to Register of Deeds.

Throughout South Carolina, land records are handled by different offices depending on the county. In 1896, the RMC office was abolished in South Carolina except for a few counties including Greenville. In most counties, the ROD duties passed to the Clerk of Court. Since that time, a few counties have reinstated a separate ROD office. Currently, the ROD function is handled by the Clerk of Court in 31 of South Carolina’s 46 counties. In the 15 counties with separate ROD offices, the position of Register of Deeds can be either elected or appointed. Six counties (including Greenville) have elected positions, while 9 counties have appointed positions that report to the County Council or Administrator.