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Long Range Planning

Taylors Main Street Development District - Zoning Text Amendment
 Posted: 07/25/19 3:39 PM by Ben Cotton

We are pleased to announce that the Taylors Main Street Development District Zoning Overlay (MSDD) is now available for the public to view in advance of a Public Hearing before County Council on August 19, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at County Square. The MSDD map is located at the end of the document located here



Taylors Main Street Development District Online Survey is Open
 Posted: 11/05/18 9:54 AM by Ben Cotton

Greenville County has been working in partnership with Taylors TownSquare on the creation of a Main Street Development District, which seeks to encourage the look-and-feel of a traditional small town center, emphasizing the history, health, safety, and welfare of the Taylors community. Some of the potential benefits include:

(1) Encouraging development that is compatible with a traditional small-town atmosphere;
(2) Protecting business investment by ensuring all properties follow the same guidelines; and
(3) Improving quality-of-life with a focus on beaut ...


Drafted: Taylors Community Plan
 Posted: 06/03/16 4:09 PM by Scott Park

After much anticipation, the next step towards a community plan for the Taylors area is complete. A final draft of the Taylors Community Plan is now available for the public to review and offer feedback. You may access the plan by clicking here.

The area between Wade Hampton Boulevard and Taylors’ Main Street was the subject of this plan and include the following elements: Identification and Branding; Parks, Greenways & Beautification; Commercial Opportunities; and the future land use map. The guid ...


Upstate Forever Active Living Event to Feature Taylors Town Square
 Posted: 05/12/15 11:32 AM by Scott Park

May 15 tour to focus on successful grassroots community-building effort in unincorporated Greenville County

Greenville, SC – Local conservation group Upstate Forever, in partnership with Greenville County Parks, Recreation and Tourism, is hosting Taylors Town Square: Community Revitalization in an Unincorporated Area on Friday, May 15 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. in Taylors. The program and itinerary are designed to share the unique story of Taylors Town Square, an organization focused on the betterment of Taylors, an unincorporated area of Greenville County. &l ...


Totally Taylors
 Posted: 08/15/14 2:27 PM by Scott Park

Residents of Taylors know how to work, play, and take care of their community. They continue to make significant strides towards a community plan while implementing many of the high priority tasks.

This summer, one of the main accomplishments from Greenville County staff was working with the neighbors, to arrive at some fresh branding. Branding proposals, based on a number of workshops and surveys, will be shared with the community on September 2nd. This reveal will be open for further feedback before worked into the final product.

Ultimately, the branding can be used for all types o ...


Branding Time in Taylors
 Posted: 05/15/14 12:58 PM by Scott Park

We recently kicked off a branding exercise at the last Taylors Town Square meeting. And since that room only holds so many people, we are making the same procedure available to everyone interested in helping Taylors find it's brand. This exercise is called a visual preference survey (you know what these are). But for those who don't, check it out! This tool allows us to bring back some specific branding that is based on your preferences.

Go to it! ...


Taylors Survey Goes Live
 Posted: 11/12/13 9:12 AM by Scott Park

The Taylors Community Survey has recently gone live. If you live in or near Taylors, please let us know your perspective on Taylors living.

The survey can be started by copying the following link into your web browser. In general, it will take about 10-20 minutes to complete.

Survey results will be posted back to this website and at follow-up community meetings.

For more information, please contact Scott Park at spark@gree ...