Greenville County
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Dept of Public Safety
What divisions make up the Department of Public Safety?

The Forensic Division, the Records Management Division, the Detention Division, and the Health Services Division.

What services does the Forensic Division provide?

The Forensic Division provides services on an equal basis to all law enforcement jurisdictions within Greenville County. The Forensic Division is responsible for the documentation, collection, and analysis of forensic evidence for law enforcement agencies in Greenville County. The Division also operates a secure property and evidence facility for the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and Greenville Police Department. On a case-by-case basis, some services are offered to law enforcement agencies outside of Greenville County in areas such as fingerprint examination, drug analysis, DNA analysis and ballistic analysis. Short term evidence storage is afforded to these agencies prior to laboratory analysis. The Forensic Division is dedicated to providing professional and innovative forensic services to all law enforcement agencies in Greenville County. The Division is comprised of four sections, which include the Crime Scene Section, the Laboratory Section, the Latent Print Section and the Property and Evidence Section.

What services does the Records Management Division provide?

The Records Management Division manages all records contained at the Greenville County Records Center storage facilities (inactive and archival records for various departments of Greenville County government); the Criminal Justice Support - Records (Public counter operations); the Criminal Justice Support - Records (law enforcement agency support); the Detention Division Records; the Administration – Departmental Budget and Finance Operations records; and the Administration – Department Personnel records.

What services does the Detention Division provide?

The Detention Division practices the humane, safe, legally compliant, secure, and sanitary detention and incarceration of both adult and juveniles detained at the Adult Detention Center and the Juvenile Detention Facility.

What services does the Health Services Division provide?

The Health Services Division provides emergent and other necessary health care services to persons incarcerated at the Adult Detention Center and the Juvenile Detention Facility. Health care is available to inmates and residents 24-hours a day. As a managed care model, the Health Services staff is committed to providing quality continuum of medical and mental health care while working within the fine line that separates essential care, elective care and the financial responsibilities burdened by the County and the Taxpayers. The Health Services staff is comprised of a Health Services Administrator who oversees a staff of medical professionals and para-professionals who serve in this complex field. The staff utilizes guidelines outlined by physicians to provide for the majority of patient needs for common medical issues. In addition, the Psychological Services staff offers mental health services and works to collaborate on services offered at the Detention Center such as the Alcohol and Drug Treatment programs. Specialized treatment and diagnostic services are also available to those who require such care. These services include, but are not limited to laboratory, radiological (x-ray), dental, physical/occupational therapies and community mental health placement for at-risk patients. Many within the Health Services Division find their careers in the Correctional field one that is exciting and challenging, but also team-oriented and rewarding allowing them to compassionately care for an often-times overlooked population of patients.

What agencies in Greenville County does the Department of Public Safety support with its law services?

South Carolina Highway Patrol
Greenville County Sheriff’s Office
Greenville City Police Department
Greenville Health System Police Department
Greenville Technical College Police Department
Fountain Inn Police Department
Furman University Police Department
Greer Police Department
Mauldin Police Department
Simpsonville Police Department
Travelers Rest Police Department
United States Marshals Service

Who is the governing body for the Greenville County Department of Public Safety?

Greenville County Council.