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Land Development
Appendix J / LID Specifications and Details
Specification Number BMP Type Standard Specification (pdf) Detail (pdf) Detail (dxf)
LID-01 Pervious Pavement pdf - -
LID-01A Pervious Pavement - pdf dxf
LID-01B Pervious Payment Layouts - pdf -
LID-02 Full Dispersion pdf - -
LID-02A Driveway Dispersion - pdf dxf
LID-03 Rain Barrel, Dry Well, Cistern pdf pdf -
LID-03A Rain Barrel & Dry Well - pdf dxf
LID-03B Cistern - - dxf
LID-04 Vegetated Swales pdf pdf dxf
LID-05 Stormwater Alley pdf pdf dxf
LID-06 Driveways pdf - -
LID-06A Split Track Driveways - pdf dxf
LID-06B Shared Driveways - pdf dxf
LID-07 Disconnected Impervious area and Green Space pdf - -
Mountainous Development LID BMPs
M-LID-01 Mountainous LID Steep Slope Sites pdf - -
M-LID-01A Grass Stilling Basin - pdf -
M-LID-01B Seepage Cistern - pdf -
Urban Development LID BMPs
U-LID-01 Green Roof pdf pdf dxf
U-LID-02 Planter Box pdf pdf -
U-LID-03 Stormwater Courtyards pdf - -
U-LID-04 LID Parking Lot Application - - dxf
U-LID-05 Flow Splitter - pdf dxf
U-LID-06 Tree Planting within Swale - pdf dxf