Greenville County
i.e. "Pay my taxes", "Parks & Recreation", "Marriage Licenses", etc.
Rick Bradley
District 26

Rick Bradley was elected in November of 2022 to represent Greenville County Council District 26 in Southern Greenville County.

He is not an experienced politician, but as a tax paying resident of District 26 and business owner for over 41 years, he’s concerned with how fast Southern Greenville is growing without adequate planning, representation and support from our County Government. Rick believes his constituents deserve a voice in the decisions affecting the residents who are already here and for those who may be coming.

First and foremost, Rick is a Christian dedicated to serving God and others. His wife, Cindy, is a life-long resident of the Fork Shoals Community and has served as a teacher’s aide at Fork Shoals Elementary School for 25 years. They have two married children, a son and daughter, and four grandchildren. Their son passed away five years ago, but they are blessed to have the rest of the family living on their land or nearby.