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The Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is charged with maintaining nine dams in Greenville County. These dams help reduce flooding and sedimentation in the county. The property owners at the time of construction granted easements to access the dams for operation and maintenance purposes in perpetuity. This includes the dams themselves, the spillways, and all other related structures.

Generally, the easements allow detention of water on a permanent basis at the elevation of the sediment pool (or whatever elevation is deemed safe for the dam construction), and on a temporary basis up to, over and through the elevation of the top of the dam. Impoundment easements follow the same topographic contour line matching the elevation of the top of the dam, which can impact permanent building construction below this line on the upstream side of any dam for the safety of lives and property. The easement also includes the auxiliary spillway which is constructed around the side of the dam, and the plunge pool, which is a small pool on the downstream side of the dam. These areas can also become flooded. The easements are on file in the Greenville County Registrar of Deeds office.

The highlighted area on the county GIS maps (designated as an Impoundment Easement) encompasses the area below the 'top of dam' elevation upstream of the dam, and also includes the dam, auxiliary spillway, and the plunge pool on the downstream side of the dam. All delineations are approximate and have not been surveyed. Click here to access the county GIS system.

This general description is not intended to replace, amend or in any other way change the terms of the easements themselves. If you have any questions about the impact of the easement on a specific parcel, you should consult the appropriate expert of your choice.

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