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Code Compliance
Code Enforcement
General Information

Code Enforcement Officers can provide assistance through the following systems or with some of the following nuisances, which are provided with some brief details.

Tenant/Landlord Rights: the 14 Day Letter Process

Code Enforcement Officers can assist tenants in good standing with landlords that are delinquent in critical repairs. For a detailed description of the requisite process and timeline, click here to find out how our staff can assist you.

Deteriorated Property

Maintenance of deteriorated property is regulated by County ordinances. The Code Enforcement Division provides the primary enforcement of these ordinances. For general information or problem situations, contact the Code Enforcement Division at 864.467.7090.

Abandoned Vehicles

The Code Enforcement Division, 864.467.7090, enforces the standards for abandoned or dismantled vehicles on private property. The Sheriff’s Office, 864.467.5210, enforces the standards for abandoned or dismantled vehicles on public property. An abandoned vehicle is any vehicle that meets the following criteria:

  • Not in working order
  • Lacks current legal registration
  • Lacks equipment to operate (dismantled)

Neighborhood Awareness Program

Code Enforcement has implemented the Neighborhood Awareness Program. Under this program, Code Enforcement officers periodically inspect residential areas and enforce code requirements and local zoning ordinances in several communities throughout the county. Prior to any citations, Code Enforcement officers bring to the attention of the residents the requirements of local ordinances and the code concerning abandoned and/or inoperable vehicles, illegal businesses, trash and debris, property maintenance code violations and illegal signage.

Storm Damage Assessment

In the event of any damage to structures as a result of a natural disaster or the resulting conditions, Code Enforcement staff will perform an appraisal of the dollar value of the damage. The resulting appraisal is submitted to the State to provide a basis for determining whether an emergency or disaster should be proclaimed and/or to request Federal assistance. The storm line number for reporting storm damage is 864.467.5922.

Fire Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement frequently functions as a liaison to the Fire Department for enforcement of fire codes. In the event that a Fire Department, Fire Chief, or Fire Marshall conducts an inspection of a structure, issues citations, and the citations have not been met by the predetermined date, Code Enforcement staff will issue the resulting fine(s) or orders to cease and desist further construction or development. In addition, Code Enforcement will conduct an inspection after a fire to determine a structure’s level of habitability and to determine what permits are required for the required repairs.