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Solid Waste
School Programs

Schools are the perfect place to instill the value of natural resources and the importance of minimizing waste. Environmental lessons can be included in Math, Science, Social Studies, Art and many other subjects. These learning opportunities can produce life-long recycling participants and future environmental leaders! Younger students often carry messages home to their parents and may motivate the entire family to recycle!

The Solid Waste Division offers tours of the landfill and recycling center as well as in-school presentations. If you are interested in touring the landfill, or if you would like an in-school presentation, please contact the Environmental Education Specialist or phone 243.9672.

Greenville County School District Recycles!

In November 2002, The Greenville County School District and Greenville County Solid Waste Division joined efforts to promote mixed paper and cardboard recycling in all Greenville County Public Schools. The recycling program will decrease the amount of garbage disposed of in the landfill and disposal cost to the Greenville County School District. The goal of the program is to encourage environmental stewardship and recycling practices. A local recycling company picks up the mixed paper and cardboard once a week at no cost to the school district. The entire program was initially funded by a grant from the Greenville County Solid Waste Division.