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Recycle Your Cooking Oil
Recycle Your Cooking Oil

This is a time of year when the use of cooking oil increases! The cooking oil you use to fry your Holiday meal (or any meal) can be recycled, preventing dangerous and costly dumping and turning the oil into fuel. So, please help reduce costs associated with water treatment and clean up by visiting one of Greenville County's Residential Waste and Recycling Centers and recycling your used cooking oil. Click here for the location nearest you.

Recycling your used cooking oil saves tax pay dollars, keeps drinking water clean, and creates environmentally friendly bio-fuel.

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Grinding of the Greens
Grinding of the Greens Banner

Greenville County is offering a convenient way to recycle your real Christmas trees after the holidays; it’s the annual "Grinding of the Greens" event sponsored by the Greenville County Solid Waste Division and Recycling. Christmas Trees for Recycling

Real Christmas trees are 100 percent biodegradable; thus can be ground into mulch, which will be available, free of charge to the public at the Twin Chimneys Landfill. By recycling Christmas trees, precious landfill space will be preserved.

Where to Drop Off Your Tree for Recycling

Click here for our list of Residential Waste & Recycling Centers and Twin Chimneys Landfill.

Click here for additional locations where trees may be dropped off.

Call 243-9672 for more information on "Grinding of the Greens".

Don't Forget About the Wrapping Paper, Cards, and Gift Boxes

Don’t forget about Christmas wrapping paper, cards, and gift boxes! These items can be recycled too. Provide some peace on the Earth and goodwill toward the environment. Reduce, reuse and recycle!

Click Here for Recycling Tips to reduce your holiday waste.