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Zoning Verification Letter Instructions
Zoning Verification Letter Example
Sample of Zoning Verification Letter

Submit and Pay for Zoning Verification Request Online
*Convenience Fees Apply

Zoning Verification Letters

The Planning and Zoning Division issues zoning verification letters.

To Obtain a Verification Letter
  • Zoning Verification requests must be submitted online along with payment using a credit/
    debit card by clicking here.
  • Your zoning verification request must include the 13-digit tax map number, also known as the parcel identification number, for the property concerned. The tax map number or parcel identification number can be found on a tax receipt.
  • A charge of $10.00 and a convenience fee per parcel will be applied. We do not accept payments over the phone.
  • This office will complete the request within 10 business days after the receipt of payment and send the Zoning Verification Letter per the applicant's choice of email or United States Postal Service.
  • Parcels zoned NC, POD, FRD, or PD have special provisions. Call the Zoning Department at 864.467.7425 to obtain additional information. A Zoning Verification Letter request for these zones will only include the classification. A FOIA request may be required for additional information and may involve additional fees.
  • Information Included in a Zoning Verification Letter

    A standard Zoning Verification Letter may include the following items per request (these items include only information which can be verified without visiting the subject property):

    • Zoning District Classification (including overlay districts as outlined in the Greenville County Zoning Ordinance)
    • Setbacks
    • Permitted Use (only one Permitted Use may be submitted per request)
    Information Not Included in a Zoning Verification Letter
    • Statement of Nonconformance - a statement for replacement of a nonconforming structure due to damage or destruction
    • Adjacent Zoning
    • Date property was zoned to current designation
    • Outstanding or Closed Zoning Violations
    • Special Exceptions, Variances, or Conditions (specific to the property)

    All other property information or site information can be obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. When submitting a FOIA request and avoiding delays, Zoning can provide a few items if they apply to the FOIA request.

  • Variances
  • Special Exceptions
  • Zoning Violations
  • PUD(s)
  • Zoning Classification
  • Anything related to Zoning matters
  • Note: For additional information, contact Zoning Administration at 864.467.7425 by mail at Greenville County Planning and Zoning, 301 University Ridge, Suite S-3200, Greenville, SC 29601-3681.

    For FOIA information, please email

    For zoning verification information, please email