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Zoning Verification Letter Instructions
Zoning Verification Request Form
Sample of Zoning Verification Letter

Zoning Verification Request Form
Print and mail in with check.

Zoning Verification Letters

The Planning and Code Compliance Department issues zoning verification letters.

To Obtain a Verification Letter
  • Requests for verification letters must be submitted in writing.
  • Send your request to:
    Greenville Planning and Code Compliance
    301 University Ridge, Suite 4100
    Greenville, SC 29601-3681
  • Your zoning verification form must include the 13 digit tax map number also known as the parcel identification number for the property concerned. The street address(s) is not valid for verification requests. The tax map number or parcel identification number can be found on a tax receipt.
  • Include in your letter a check for $10.00 for each request. There is a charge of $10.00 per request per parcel.
  • This office will complete the request the day of receipt and return them per the applicant's request, i.e. facsimile, United States Postal Service, pre-paid Fed-Ex or similar envelope.
  • Parcels that are zoned NC, POD or PD have special provisions. Call the Planning Department at 864.467.7425 to obtain additional information other than zoning for these zoning districts.
Information Included in a Zoning Verification Letter

A standard Zoning Verification Letter may include the following items (these items include only information that can be verified without visiting the subject property):

  • Zoning District Classification (including special purpose districts as outlined in the Greenville County Zoning Ordinance)
  • Outstanding Zoning Violations (closed violations will not be included)
  • Special Exceptions, Variances, or Conditions (specific to the property)

Items available upon specific request include:

  • Permitted Uses (applicant will have to provide statement of use for verification that the specified use is permitted in the subject property‚Äôs zoning district)
  • Statement of Nonconformance (if applicable) - a statement for replacement of a nonconforming structure due to damage or destruction)
  • Adjacent Zoning
  • Date property was zoned to current designation

Maps or other data supporting information in the Zoning Verification Letter will be provided as deemed necessary by the Zoning Administration Staff.

Information Not Included in a Zoning Verification Letter

All other information for a property or site can be obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for items that include historical information (i.e. Certificate of Occupancy copies, building code violations, closed zoning violations, zoning history, etc.).

Site specific information (setbacks, parking, etc.) may be verified through submittal of a Commercial Zoning Permit and Site Plan of the property and all buildings on site. The Site Plan should be drawn by a registered surveyor with all measurements including building/structure footprints, parking spaces/drive lanes and dimensions and distances from all buildings/structures to property lines and adjacent structures. Applicable screening/buffering should also be drawn on the site plan.

Note: For additional information contact the Zoning Administration at 864.467.7425 or by mail at Greenville County Planning and Code Compliance Department, 301 University Ridge, Suite 4100, Greenville, SC 29601-3681.