Greenville County encourages those needing to pay taxes to avoid coming inside County Square.
Citizens can pay property taxes through the mail, the internet or by using the convenient dropbox located outside the Tax Office. The County accepts credit and debit card payments on our website, online.
From now until further notice, the County will waive the online service fee provided by SC.GOV, our third-party provider.
The service fee for Hospitality Taxes will also be waived until further notice.
The Greenville County Employee Opportunities site will be down on Friday, September 25th for scheduled maintenance
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Setoff Debt Collection
Setoff Debt Program

Collecting taxes is the primary role of the Greenville County Tax Collector. With this responsibility, Greenville County utilizes the Tax Sale and now a newly adopted Setoff Debt Program to collect delinquent taxes.

In accordance with the Setoff Debt Collection Act, South Carolina State Law, Title 12, Chapter 56 and Greenville County Council’s Resolution, the Setoff Debt Program is administered by the Tax Collector and allows for the collection of delinquent property taxes via garnishment of South Carolina State income tax refunds.

Each year the Setoff Debt Coordinator will conduct a delinquent accounts audit. If an account remains unpaid, a Setoff Debt Notice will be sent to the address on record when the debt occurred with the County: at least 30 days prior to submission to the program; allowing debtors time to resolve the delinquent balance and potentially avoid garnishment of their South Carolina State income tax refunds.

Address Updates

The responsibility of updating an address is the defaulting taxpayer. Greenville County will send the Setoff Debt Notices 30 days prior to submission. Any person needing to update an address must always validate addresses in person or online at