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Court Support
Tips For Internet Use
Tips For Internet Use
  • Add the Court Support Web Site to "Your Favorites" for easy access in the future.
  • The time and date when the roster was last updated appears at the top of the Docket web page.
  • To view a particular term of court, click in the Yellow Box at the top of the Docket. This will take you directly to that week. The Judges assigned and the cases set for trial will be listed. You will be able to see the line-up of all cases set that week.
  • Control + F is the "Find and Replace" feature you may use. Press Control + F on your keyboard and type in your first or last name or the case number and you will be able to pull up all the case/cases that have been set on the Docket.
  • The Web Site is updated at the same time the Attorney Information line is updated.
  • When the last case has been called to trial during a given term of court, the next term's roster will be posted on the internet at the top of the docket. Any cases that were continued or not reached, during their assigned court term, will be carried over into the next term of court. These cases will be listed numerically.
  • Pre-Trial Conferences Forms, Motion slips, and Non-Jury Trial Forms are in Adobe Acrobat under Download Forms.
  • You may want to check out the FAQs. In this list you will find answers to various frequently asked questions that may assist you and your staff.
  • Non-Jury information and dockets will be coming soon.
  • To achieve the best printing results, print the docket in landscape format. To change your browser format to landscape select File, Page, Setup, Orientation, Landscape (MS Explorer from the tool bar).