Greenville County
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Passport Office
Minors 16 or 17
16 or 17 Year Olds
  • Recommended: One parent be present with the applicant.
  • Proper ID will be required. Please refer to documentation page for more details.
Under 16 Years Old
  • Both parents must be present along with the minor. However, if only 1 name is listed on the birth certificate then which ever parent is listed needs to be present with the minor.

  • If one parent cannot be present, then the DS-3053 form must be completed and must be notarized. The absent parent must provide a copy of their ID front and back. The ID presented to the notary should be the same one provided with the application. This document must be submitted with the application within 3 months of the notarized date.

  • If you use the passport for evidence of citizenship see checklist, then you will need to provide a copy of the birth certificate to establish parental rights.

Minors Under 16


16 & 17 year olds get adult passports ,which last for 10 years.

15 year olds & under (Minors) get 5 year old passports.