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Litter Prevention
Greenville County Wide Litter Pickup
County Wide Litter Pick-Up
October 21, 2017

Join forces with the rest of Greenville County on this annual day of service where people from all areas our community work together to clean up litter! Get your group together, whether it’s your school, neighborhood, family or church and let’s END litter in Greenville County.

All we ask is that you volunteer, as a group or individually, to pick up litter in your community. We will supply the safety vests, litter pickup sticks and trash bags.

To register as a volunteer, submit a signed copy of the volunteer safety procedures to Deanna Damato at All volunteers must submit a signed form in order to receive litter clean-up supplies.



Send us a photo of your group picking up litter in your area on October 21 and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a Litter Ends Here swag bag, PLUS you’ll have the opportunity for your photo to make it onto our website. Email your photos to Deanna Damato at to enter.

Litter Pickup Group


Litter Ends Here!

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