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EMS Communications
Things You Will Be Asked

These first few questions are our entry questions. Please remain on the line with us so we can gather information that will be helpful in making sure that we have the proper help coming to you. However, please know that help is on the way during the question process. Our call-takers take your call, gather information from the first three questions, and send the call over to our medical and fire dispatcher at which time an ambulance and fire department is dispatched to your emergency. Note: Not all Fire Departments respond to medical calls.

Medical Emergencies
  1. What is the address of your emergency?
  2. What is the phone number you are calling me from?
  3. Tell me exactly what happened.
  4. How old is the patient?
  5. Is he/she awake?
  6. Is he/she breathing?

We do aspirin protocol instructions on all chest pain calls. After answering a few questions we will give you instructions on taking aspirin if you are experiencing chest pain. Stock your home with either Adult 325 mg or Baby 81 mg aspirin in case it is ever needed. We also do stroke diagnostic tests per EMD on all possible stroke calls.

Fire Emergencies
  1. What is the address of the emergency?
  2. What is the phone number you are calling from?
  3. What is your name?
  4. Tell me exactly what happened?
  5. Are you at that location now?