Greenville County
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Welcome to the Office of Auditor for Greenville County
Scott Case, CPA

Pursuant to the South Carolina Constitution, the S.C. General Assembly established the Office of Auditor in each of the 46 counties in the state. The Greenville County Auditor’s Office operates under the oversight of the elected Greenville County Auditor.

The Greenville County Auditor’s Office is responsible for the creation of all real and personal property tax bills in accordance and compliance with state law. The tax billing process includes assembling a complete listing and description of all taxable real and personal property into the official tax record and compiling the property tax millage rates of all governing authorities into an annual millage sheet. Additionally, the Auditor’s Office works with state and local tax authorities in the areas of budgeting, general obligation bonds, tax base certifications, and other required statutory and regulatory reporting matters.

Taxpayer Assistance
Auditor's Office

The Greenville County Auditor’s Office assists individual taxpayers with property tax issues related to vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, manufacturing, business personal property and vehicle tax exemptions. Assistance is provided in our office or by phone during business hours. You can also contact the Auditor’s Office by mail, fax, or e-mail. For individual questions regarding real property taxes on homes or commercial buildings, please visit Greenville County’s Real Property Services department.

To view or pay a property tax bill, please visit the Greenville County Tax Collector’s department.