Juvenile Diversion Services
Contact Information:

Greenville County
350 Halton Road, Suite 306
Greenville, SC 29607

Greenville Staff

Program Coordinator
Leisa Shea

Veronica Williams

Pickens Staff

Program Coordinator
Jennifer Campbell

Juvenile Diversion Services is a program for first time criminal offenders who are 16 years old or younger at the time of arrest. The program diverts the juvenileís case from the juvenile justice system. Upon successful completion of the program, the pending charges against the juvenile will be dismissed without going to court.

The program allows the participant to perform community service work, receive counseling and guidance services, and pay restitution to the victims. Only participants who do not present a threat to society and who have no significant prior criminal history are allowed this second chance. Applicants to the program must be referred by the Family Court Prosecutor in the Solicitorís office.

Juvenile Diversion Services is a self-supporting agency under the control and supervision of the Circuit Solicitorís Office and is supported through the cooperation of judicial, law enforcement and community services agencies.

  1. Why do I have to wait for the prosecutor to refer my child to the program?

  2. What will my child have to do while in the program?

  3. What happens if my child gets another charge?

  4. What happens if my child fails to complete the program requirements?

  5. What is the cost of the program?

  6. How long does the program last?

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