Mental Health Court
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Lauren Lance
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Greenville County
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Greenville, SC 29607
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The Greenville Mental Health Court is a voluntary diversion program that provides a treatment alternative to incarceration for adult offenders with identifiable mental illnesses. The program was established by the Greenville County Probate Court and is administered by the Solicitorís Office. The program operates under the authority of the 2015 South Carolina Mental Health Court Act. The program is supported through the cooperation of the Greenville Mental Health Center, Piedmont Mental Health Center and local law enforcement agencies. Mental Health Court offers psychiatric treatment and follow up to mentally ill individuals who, because of their mental illness, find themselves in the criminal justice system. Individuals with mental illness often need treatment to address mental health issues as well as links to community resources rather than incarceration. Our goal is to provide treatment services and court monitoring so that these individuals can continue on their road to wellness and recovery and remain in the community as productive citizens. Judicial oversight ensures follow through with the program requirements.
Eligibility for Referral
The defendant must meet all of the following criteria: diagnosed with an identifiable mental illness, have committed a misdemeanor or non-violent felony, must be able to understand the terms and conditions of the program, have no other pending cases which would prevent them from completing the program, do not pose a threat to the public, and be a resident of Greenville County.
Referral Process
Cases can be referred to Mental Health Court by defense attorneys, magistrate or municipal court judges, the detention center staff, law enforcement officials, solicitors, and mental health professionals. Once a case is referred, the defendant will be subject to thorough background checks and psychological assessments in order to determine eligibility. Each case must receive the approval of the Solicitor before being accepted into the program.
Program Requirements
Upon meeting the eligibility criteria, a defendant with charges from Summary Court will sign an agreement to remain in the program for no less than six months to a discretionary maximum of twelve (12) months. A defendant with General Sessions charges agree to a minimum of twelve (12) months to a maximum of twelve months. The Mental Health Court team will evaluate each personís offense and individual progress toward treatment goals. The participant is required to have frequent contact with their treatment provider at the Greenville Mental Health Center or the Piedmont Mental Health Center. Participants are required to submit to random drug screenings and attend regular court appearances. Once a participant completes all four phases, he/she will have successfully graduated from the program and his/her charges will be dismissed.
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