Community Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (CDVCC)
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The Community Domestic Violence Coordinating Council is a collaborative initiative between the public and private sector. Our purpose is to (1) increase awareness and understanding of domestic violence and its consequences, (2) reduce the incidence of domestic violence in Greenville and Pickens County and (3) enhance and ensure the safety of battered individuals and their children. Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Our Council includes representatives from magistrates court, family court, law enforcement, solicitorís office, probation and parole, batterer intervention programs or services, nonprofit battered individual's program advocates, medical profession, substance abuse counseling programs, the clergy, survivors of domestic violence, local department of social services, and the education community. Our meetings are held quarterly and meeting locations and times can be found on our Calendar of Events.

Our Council will host a Virtual Educational Workshop on September 24, 2020 from 9AM - 12PM.

Workshop includes:

  1. The Impact of DV on Children - TJ Rumler, MSW, LISW , CCTP
  2. The Role of the DV Prosecutor - Judy Munson, Esq.
  3. Representing Petitioner's in Order of Protection Hearings - Tamika Cannon, Esq.

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