Family Court
Contact Information:

Family Court
350 Halton Rd, Suite 306
Greenville, S.C. 29607


Prosecutor - Unit Head
Elizabeth Gary

Legal Investigator
Amy Eaves

Administrative Assistant
Felisha Meadows

Victim Advocate
Kaitlyn Looper

Juvenile Diversion Services
Juvenile Drug Court


Program Coordinator
Leisa Rice

The Family Court Unit of the Thirteenth Circuit Solicitor's Office serves the citizens of Greenville County by handling the prosecution of crimes committed by juveniles. While working with Department of Juvenile Justice, decisions are made regarding the prosecution or diversion of juvenile offenders.

Our Goal
To make juvenile offenders into productive law-abiding citizens by holding them accountable for their actions while offering an opportunity for rehabilitation.

Our Programs
Victim Witness Program provides assistance in the filing of victim impact statements and victim compensations claims, courtroom advocacy and referrals to outside agencies.

Juvenile Diversion Services is a program for first time offenders who are 16 years or younger at the time of arrest. Participants must complete community service work, attend school, submit to random drug screens, receive counseling and guidance and pay restitution. If all program requirements are satisfied, the charge(s) against the participant are dismissed.

Juvenile Drug Court is an intensive treatment-based program which holds offenders accountable for their actions through adjudication. Participants are required to attend substance abuse counseling, community support meetings, family counseling, school, vocational training and/or employment. If all program requirements are satisfied, the guilty plea will be withdrawn and the charge(s) against the participant will be dismissed. If the participant is terminated from the program, the suspended sentence given on the day of the guilty plea will be imposed.