New Start Substance Abuse Diversionary Program
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Greenville County Courthouse
305 E. North St., Suite 325
Greenville, SC 29601




Deputy Solicitor
Andrew Culbreath
The Thirteenth Circuit New Start Substance Abuse Diversionary Intervention Program (New Start) is a criminal justice diversion program authorized for the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit by the S.C. Supreme Court on April 18, 2017. The New Start program offers an alternative for those persons charged with General Sessions criminal offenses that are drug related.

The New Start Program must be successfully completed within 120 days from the enrollment date. Successful completion of the Program will result in a dismissal of the pending charges, and the charges may be eligible for expungement. Failure to successfully complete any requirement of the New Start Program will result in the case being referred back to the Solicitor’s Office for prosecution.

The foundation of the New Start Program is the Phoenix Center Counseling Program and working with a Recovery Coach at Faces and Voices of Recovery – Greenville (FAVOR). Attendance is expected at all counseling sessions and any absences from the counseling program must be pre-approved. More than one unexcused absence may result in the case being referred back to the Solicitor’s Office for prosecution. The cost of counseling is $500.00, payable to the counseling provider. The counselors work with the participant to establish a weekly counseling schedule that will last approximately 12 weeks.

The participant must submit to random alcohol/drug screens while in the New Start Program. Positive drug screens could result in further treatment or unsuccessful discharge and referral back to the Solicitor's Office for prosecution. All drug screens will be conducted as part of the weekly counseling program. There is no additional charge for drug screening; the cost is included in the $500.00 counseling fee.

Participants in the New Start Program must attend at least eight FAVOR Individual Support meetings and develop a recovery plan with a FAVOR Recovery Coach. There is no cost to attend these meetings.


New Start Program Testimonial

Jerry Childress: "The program allowed me to address the root of some issues that were going on with me personally."

New Start Testimonial
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