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The Victim-Witness Program was established in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit in 1978. Since that time it has grown to a staff of ten. A victim advocate is assigned to each assistant solicitor and works closely with him/her to ensure victims are afforded all rights to which they are entitled.

The program is set up in accordance with Guidelines written by the Victim Assistance Policy Committee. This committee established the operating standards for Solicitor-based Victim-Witness Assistance Programs to implement the Victimís Bill of Rights which was passed by the Legislature in 1978. The Victim Rights Constitutional Amendment and Implementing Legislation was passed by the South Carolina General Assembly in 1997 and 1998. We are required by law to attempt to notify victims, should they wish to be, of all proceedings in a case.

Rights of Victims and Witnesses
  • The Right to Treatment with Dignity and Compassion
  • The Right to Protection from Intimidation and Harm
  • The Right to Knowledge of the Criminal Justice System
  • The Right to Reparation
  • The Right to Preservation of Property and Employment
  • The Right to Due Process in Criminal Court Proceedings
  • The Right to Special Recognition for the Very Young, Elderly, Handicapped and Others with Special needs
What is the Role of a Victim Advocate?
When a crime occurs, the "people of the State" represented by the Solicitor or one of his assistants, prosecute the case. The Victim-Witness Advocate aids crime victims by offering many services that are confidential and free of charge.

Advocates inform victims of their rights. They act as liaison between the victim and other agencies. They attend court hearings with victims or attend on their behalf. They inform victims of hearing dates, case updates, and dispositions. They arrange pretrial conferences upon a Solicitorís request and attend them. They attend hearings when requested by the victim or their family.

During the time it takes to prepare a case for court, the victim advocate keeps victims informed about the case and provides help that includes:

  • Crime to court information
  • Application for reimbursement for medical expenses and lost wages (SOVA)
  • Victim impact statement
  • Preparation for court appearance
  • Employer contact
  • Court escort service
  • Emergency referrals
  • Property return assistance
  • Restitution
Contact Us If:
  • Any of your contact information has changed
  • You want to be kept informed of the progress of your case
  • You have questions about bond hearings
  • You need help with medical, funeral or counseling expenses
  • You have been threatened or harassed
  • You need the help of a social service agency or employer
Tips for Court:
  • Dress appropriately for court, no shorts or hats allowed
  • Arrange for child care for minor children
  • Cell phones and pagers must be turned off before entering the court room
  • All purses, bags, briefcases etc. are subject to search upon entering the courthouse
  • No food or drink are allowed in the courtroom
  • No talking while court is in session, except to authorized personnel

Victim Witness Frequently Asked Questions

Special Programs
Kids To Court
School groups of 25 or less may come and observe the court process. Students are briefed on court procedures. The students will observe actual court cases - either a trial or guilty pleas. Seating is limited so advance notice is required.

Solicitorís Office Anti-Drug Poster Calendar Contest
Since 1995, the Thirteenth Circuit Solicitor has sponsored an anti- drug poster contest for all middle schools in Greenville and Pickens counties. Through the years thousands of Greenville county students have submitted posters which reinforce the message the drugs are bad for them and their friends. The winners are selected by an independent group of judges and the winners are awarded cash prizes for their art work. The winner of the contest receives $300 cash, grade winners receive $200 cash, and all other finalists were given $100 cash.

After an awards ceremony the winning posters are displayed in the Greenville County Courthouse through the month of November. A calendar is then printed and distributed before Christmas to middle school students, teachers and staff at every middle school in Greenville and Pickens counties.

The entire project is funded with money made from the sale of forfeited items taken from individuals arrested for drug offences.


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