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Library Board of Trustees

Total Members: 11
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We are not currently accepting applications for this board/commission.


The Library Board of Trustees consists of eleven (11) resident electors of Greenville County appointed by Greenville County Council for four (4) year terms. The Library Board has the responsibility of managing the Greenville County Library System. 

Regular meetings of the Board are usually held on the 4th Monday of each month at 12:00 noon at Hughes Library, 25 Heritage Green Place.

Power and Duties
  • To employ a chief librarian whose qualifications and credentials shall meet the certification requirements of the State Library Board, and who shall be responsible to the county library board for the administration of the program and the selection of library staff members required to carry out the functions of the library system
  • To purchase, lease, hold and dispose of real and personal property in the name of the County for the exclusive use of the county library system, subject to approval by the Greenville County Council. 
  • Acquire books and other library materials and provide for use thereof throughout the County.
  • Accept donations of real property, services, books and other items suitable for use in the library system.
  • Designate or mark equipment, rooms and buildings, and other library system facilities to commemorate and identify gifts and donations made to the library system.
  • Cooperate or enter into contracts or agreements with any public or private agency, which result in improved services or the receipt of financial aid in carrying out the functions of the library system, subject to approval by the Greenville County Council.
  • Enter into contracts or agreements with other counties to operate regional or joint libraries and related facilities, subject to approval by the Greenville County Council.
  • Receive and expend grants, appropriations, gifts and donations from any private or public source for the operation, expansion or improvement of the library system.
  • Take any actions deemed necessary and proper by the board to establish, equip, operate and maintain an effective library system within limits of approved appropriations of the Greenville County Council.
  • Provide and make available to the residents of the county books and library materials and in the fulfillment of this function shall establish a headquarters library and may establish branches and subdivisions thereof in appropriate geographical areas of the county within the limits of available funds. The board may operate one or more bookmobiles over routes determined by the board.
  • Adopt regulations necessary to ensure effective operation, maintenance and security of the property of the library system. Provided, however, such regulations shall not be in conflict with policy or regulations established by the Greenville County Council.
  • Annually submit to the County Council a budget for the ensuing fiscal year adequate to fund the operation and programs of the library system. 
  • Annually file a detailed report of its operations and expenditures for the previous fiscal year with the Greenville County Council.
  • Comply with existing county personnel policies and regulations.
  • The board is authorized to solicit and receive financial aid from the State and federal governments and other sources for the operation and maintenance of the Greenville County Library System. 
  • The Greenville County Library System account shall be audited each year by a public accountant selected by the board of trustees.

The board of trustees shall annually make a report of its activities showing in summary form its receipts and expenditures, the libraries and bookmobile routes operated by it, the number of books, periodicals and other property owned by it, the character of the service rendered to the people of the County, including the number making use of its service, and such other pertinent facts as would show its activities during the preceding fiscal year. Reports shall be filed in the office of the Clerk of Court for Greenville County and copies shall be furnished each member of the county legislative delegation and the Greenville County Council.

Regular meetings of the Board are usually held on the 4th Monday of each month at 12:00 noon at Hughes Library, 25 Heritage Green Place.