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Greenville County Historic and Natural Resources Trust

Total Members: 12
Upcoming Vacancies: 6


We are not currently accepting applications for this board/commission.

The purpose of the Historic and Natural Resource Trust (HNRT) is:
  • To award grants to “Eligible Trust Recipients” for the purchase of land or interests in land that meet the criteria contained in Sections 6 and 7 of the County's enabling ordinance (#5247).
  • To apply for and receive additional funding for the Trust from federal, state, private, and other sources.
  • To receive charitable contributions and donations to the Trust; with such contributions and donations to be deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • To receive contributions to the Trust in satisfaction of any public or private obligation for environmental mitigation or habitat conservation, whether such obligation arises out of law, equity, contract, regulation, administrative proceeding, or judicial proceeding, only upon approval of County Council.  Such contributions shall be used as provided for in this Ordinance.
In order to carry out its functions, the Trust shall: (i) operate a program which includes: (ii) developing a ranking system for applications pursuant to the criteria in Sec. 6 and 7; (iii) receiving applications from eligible trust recipients pursuant to Sec.6 and 7; (iv) evaluating applications from eligible trust recipients for eligibility in the program pursuant to Sec. 6 and 7; (v) reviewing and ranking applications from eligible trust recipients pursuant to the ranking system; (vi) approving and awarding grants to eligible trust recipients with such conditions as determined by the board; (vii) establish additional guidelines and procedures as necessary to implement this ordinance; and (viii) submit an annual report to Greenville County Council.

Qualifiers: 1 Member from each of the following fields: 

·          A board member or executive officer of a
           charitable corporation;
·          Owner of rural real property that is actively
·          One actively engaged in the real estate business,
           appraising of farm/forest lands;  banking / 
           accounting or real estate/land use law;
·          One actively engaged in historic/cultural

The board meets on an as needed basis at 301 University Ridge, Greenville.