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The objective of Code Enforcement is to promote a clean, healthy, and safe environment for the citizens of Greenville County. The Division is achieving this objective through the enforcement of local ordinances related to, environmental control, junkyards, nuisance signs, substandard housing, and property maintenance.

Summary of Services
Code Enforcement is responsible for administration and enforcement of several County Ordinances; mainly Environmental, Junkyards and the Property Maintenance Code.

14 Day Letter Process
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The current code utilized by the department is the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code.

Please Be Aware…
The Neighborhood Awareness Program
is coming soon to your community.

Code Enforcement has implemented the Neighborhood Awareness Program. Under this program, Code Compliance officers periodically inspect residential areas and enforce code requirements and local zoning ordinances in several communities throughout the county. Prior to any citations, Code Compliance officers bring to the attention of the residents the requirements of local ordinances and the code concerning abandoned and/or inoperable vehicles, illegal businesses, trash and debris, property maintenance code violations and illegal signage.

To avoid citations and fines, please take the following corrective actions:

  • Remove, dispose, or enclose any unlicensed, inoperable, dismantled, abandoned, and junk vehicles;
  • Mow weeds and grass over 18 inches in height;
  • Remove any junk, trash, rubbish, debris, etc.;
  • Remove illegal signs from the public right-of-way

Residents are encouraged to report any unsafe or insanitary housing conditions of which they are aware.

Questions or Complaints
If you have questions or wish to file a complaint, please call 864.467.7090, or visit our E-Service Request Form.
Illegal Signage
Listed below are the sign requirements:
  • Permits are required for all signage;
  • Signs are not permitted to be installed in the right-of-way or on utility poles;
  • Signs offering goods, services, or products may not be located off premises of the business
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it unlawful to park an unlicensed, inoperable or dismantled vehicle on my property?
Yes, all vehicles must have current license plates and be capable of being moved under its own power or be placed in a completely enclosed building.
Is it unlawful to let growth on my property get over 18 inches in height?
Yes, lots must be kept free of weeds, rank vegetation, rats, mice, snakes, etc.?
Is it unlawful for my premises to be littered with junk, trash, rubbish and debris, appliances, building materials, etc.?
Yes, all open storage of junk, trash, rubbish, debris, appliances, building materials, etc. is prohibited.
Is it unlawful for a structure to be abandoned and standing open in a state of disrepair?
Yes, all structures must be structurally sound and secured to prevent unlawful entry.