Customer Service Satisfaction Survey

Greenville County Customer Service Satisfaction Survey

  1. What office did you interact with today?
  2. Date of visit: (Format MM/DD/YYYY)
  3. Name of County Representative:
  4. What type of service or information were you seeking?
  5. During your interaction with us, our representative(s) first contacted you within a reasonable amount of time.

  6. If not, how long did you have to wait?
  7. Our representative(s) resolved the issue in a timely manner.

  8. Our representative(s) were knowledgeable.

  9. Our representative(s) were courteous.

  10. Our representative(s) resolved the issue to your satisfaction.

  11. Our representative(s) explained why your issue/request could not be resolved to your satisfaction or offered alternative solutions to solve it.

  12. Our representative(s) presented a professional appearance?

  13. How would you rate our service overall?

  14. May we use your comments in our web site or other publications?

  15. May we contact you?

  16. Name:
  17. Address:
  18. Telephone:
  19. Email:
  20. Additional Comments: