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Something New is Happening in Animal Sheltering
 Posted: 07/06/20 3:41 PM by Shelly Simmons

Greenville County Animal Care is now a Pilot Shelter for New Human Animal Support Services (H.A.S.S.)! 

Watch Video Explaining HASS

Human Animal Support Services (H.A.S.S.), a new animal welfare organizational model, and Greenville County Animal Care are working together implementing a new range of services that recognize pets and people as family-units and aims to keep them together.

“Our goal is to better support animals in our community without having to remove them from their homes and neighborhoods,” says Shelly Simmons, Division Manager of Greenville County Care. “Traditionally, a pet must enter the shelter for us to support it. But with this new model, the role of the animal shelter and animal control field services is to support pets and pet owners in the community.

H.A.S.S. has launched as a nation-wide coalition with 12 animal shelters across the United States. These organizations are creating programs and initiatives based on 12 guiding principles that allow them to serve as resource centers and pet-owner support systems in their communities.

“We know we can do so much better when it comes to getting stray pets home, keeping cats and dogs with their owners, and getting sheltered pets to foster and adoptive homes faster,” says Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Executive Director of American Pets Alive! and one of the project’s leaders. “This pilot will give us the time and resources to finally put animal social services at the center of our work to help pets.”

Thanks to support from Maddie’s Fund®, South Fork Foundation, and Michelson Found Animals Foundation, this model will help pilot shelters, including Animal Care, test new resources and programs. These include remote services like veterinary telehealth and text support, stray animal return-to-owner task forces, foster care programs for most animals, behavioral and training services, and much more.

“When COVID-19 forced us to radically adjust our normal operations a few months ago, we and shelters all over the United States realized that rather than institutionalizing animals we can find ways to keep most of them in their communities,” says Simmons. “We can harness the power of our foster community’s reach to find permanent, loving homes.”

The following lifesaving organizations were selected by the HASS executive leadership team and lead supporters of the movement based on their demonstrated track records of successfully implementing positive changes for pets in their shelters and communities:
- Greenville County Animal Care (SC)
- Kansas City Pet Project (MO)
- Humane Rescue Alliance (DC & NJ)
- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control (NC)
- Pima Animal Care Center (AZ)
- Oakland Animal Services (CA)
- Fresno Humane Animal Services (CA)
- San Diego Humane Society (CA)
- LifeLine Animal Project (GA)
- El Paso Animal Services (TX)
- Cabot Animal Services (AR)
- Los Angeles Animal Services (CA)

For more information about H.A.S.S., go to