Jury Trial Forms
Acrobat MS Word Trial week Selection/Settlement Notification Form
EMAIL this form. It is ONLY to be used when setting cases on the PTC Roster to the Jury Trial Roster (after agreeing on a trial term) or when reporting settlements of cases set on the PTC roster)
Acrobat MS Word Pre-Trial Conference Form
BRING this form to the PTC if you plan to attend. If you are unable to attend, e-mail the form to Lyndall Coker and it will be available for the judge at the PTC. DO NOT send the form to the judge.
Non-Jury Trial Forms
Acrobat MS Word Non-Jury Trial Status Form
Non-Jury Motions Forms
Acrobat MS Word SCCA233 - Motion and Order Information Form and Coversheet
General Docket Forms
Acrobat MS Word Protection Procedure Memo
Acrobat MS Word Motion for Protection Form
Civil Action Forms
Acrobat MS Word SC Supreme Court Order - Re: Civil Action Coversheet
Acrobat MS Word SCCA 234 - Civil Action Coversheet
Acrobat MS Word Civil Action Coversheet Addendum for Greenville County

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