Real Property Details

Details for Tax Year 2017 Property Tax Estimate


Map #: 0550080103000
Tax Year: 2017 * Check Year *
District: 892
Owner(s): Allen Jerreme
Previous Owner: Country Walk Developers Inc
Care Of:
Mailing Address: 3 Fieldmont Cir Simpsonville, SC 29681


Acreage: 0
Description: 90
Location: 3 Fieldmont Cir
Subdivision: Fieldmont
Deed Book-Page: 1795 - 746
Deed Date: 10/28/1998
Sale Price: $21,995
Plat Book-Page: 35-W / 75


Jurisdiction: 1 (County Jurisdiction)
Homestead Code: No
Assessment Class: LR - Legal Residence


Land Use: 1171 (MH on MH file)


Fair Market Value: 10,000
Taxable Market Value: 10,000
Total Rollback:
Taxes: $267.02 (due)
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Tax Year Account Number Amount Due
2015 201500000984988001 $274.73
2016 201600001029788001 $274.77