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Long Range Planning

Fountain Inn Baseline Conditions Report
 Posted: 12/05/16 2:12 PM by Andrew Ratchford

The Fountain Inn Master Plan update is moving forward! Please take a few moments to review the Fountain Inn Baseline Conditions Report. Please send any comments or questions to Andrew Ratchford at

Click here to review the Baseline Conditions Report!

What is next?

During the holidays, staff hopes to begin developing draft Goals, Objectives, and Action Items as well as some alternative future land use options which will be presented on at a future public meeting (January or February). Then a final draft will be developed and finally adopted. Thank you for all of your input!

What is in the report?

  • Description of the study area
  • Demographic profile
  • Development Trends (since 2006)

o   Subdivisions

o   Zoning

o   Building permit

  • Community support services summary

o   Schools

o   Library

o   Recreation

o   Law enforcement

o   Fire Protection

o   Solid waste disposal

  • Transportation
  • Utility Infrastructure
  • Development Limitations
  • Maps