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Litter Prevention
“Litter Ends Here” Pledge
I Made the Pledge
What are you pledging?
  • Pledge to be an example by properly disposing of your trash.
  • Always carry a litter bag in your vehicle. Never throw anything out of your vehicle window.
  • Secure and tarp loose items being transported in the bed of a pickup truck.
  • Ensure that your trash receptacles are properly secured with a lid.
  • Create good habits by committing to pick up one piece of litter a day.
Why take the pledge?
  • Intention is one thing, action is another. When intention is backed up with a written pledge, the pledger is more likely to follow through with their promise.
  • Fulfilling your Litter Ends Here pledge is so easy. All you have to do is take your trash home with you and properly dispose of it. That’s it!
So Greenville County... Will you take the “Litter Ends Here” Pledge?



How did you hear about the campaign?

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