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Land Development
Design Manual
Appendix G / Post Construction WQ Specifications and Details
Specification Number BMP Type Standard Specification (pdf) Detail (pdf) Detail (dxf)
WQ-01 Dry Detention pdf pdf dxf
WQ-02 Wet Detention pdf - -
WQ-02A    Wet Detention - pdf dxf
WQ-02B    Wet Extended Detention - pdf dxf
WQ-02C    Micropool Wet Detention - pdf dxf
WQ-03 Stormwater Wetland pdf - -
WQ-03A    Stormwater Wetland - pdf dxf
WQ-03B    Shallow Stormwater Wetland - pdf dxf
WQ-03C    Ext. Detention Stormwater Wetland - pdf dxf
WQ-03D    Pond Wetland System - pdf dxf
WQ-03E    Pocket Wetland - pdf dxf
WQ-04 Gravel Wetland - pdf dxf
WQ-05 Bioretention pdf - -
WQ-05A    Bioretention - pdf dxf
WQ-05B    Bioretention - pdf dxf
WQ-06 Sand Filter pdf pdf dxf
WQ-07 Infiltration Trench pdf pdf dxf
WQ-08 Enhanced Dry Swale pdf pdf dxf
WQ-09 Infiltration Basin pdf pdf dxf
WQ-10 Manufactured Treatment Devices (MTDs) pdf - -
WQ-11 Permanent WQ Stream Buffers pdf pdf dxf
WQ-12 Vegetated Filter Strip pdf pdf dxf
WQ-13 Level Spreader pdf pdf dxf
WQ-14 Rain Garden pdf pdf dxf
WQ-15 RSC pdf - -
WQ-15A    RSC Profile - pdf dxf
WQ-15B    RSC Plan - pdf dxf
WQ-15C    RSC Sections - pdf dxf
WQ-15D    RSC Calculation Aid pdf - -
WQ-16 Previous Pavement pdf - -
WQ-16A    Previous Pavement Details - pdf dxf
WQ-16B    Previous Pavement Layouts - pdf dxf
WQ-17 Full Dispersion pdf - -
WQ-17A    Driveway Dispersion - pdf dxf
WQ-18 Rainwater Harvesting pdf - -
WQ-18A    Rain Barrel & Drywell - pdf dxf
WQ-18B    Cistern - pdf dxf
WQ-19 Vegetated Swale pdf pdf dxf
WQ-20 Stormwater Alley pdf pdf dxf
WQ-21 Driveways pdf - -
WQ-21A    Split Track Driveway - pdf dxf
WQ-21B    Shared Driveway - pdf dxf
WQ-22 Disconnected Impervious pdf - -
WQ-23 Mountainous & Steep Slope Sites pdf - -
WQ-23A    Grass Stilling Basin - pdf dxf
WQ-23B    Seepage Cistern - pdf dxf
WQ-24 Green Roof pdf pdf dxf
WQ-25 Planter Box pdf pdf dxf
WQ-26 Storm Water Courtyard pdf - -
WQ-27 Parking Lot Application - pdf dxf
WQ-28 Flow Splitter - pdf dxf
WQ-29 Tree Planting In Swale - pdf dxf