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Land Development

Greenville County's Stormwater Design Policies
Hardwood Policy
Incremental Development Policy
Peak Rate Attenuation during Construction
Skimmer Use
Structural Fill
Waiver and Variance Request
Zero Land Disturbance Policy
Expedited Review Policy – updated 6/6/17
Expedited Review Program Form
Electronic Submittal Policy - 9/13/17

Land Disturbance Permit Reference Materials
Stormwater Permit Submittal Process and Guidelines - updated 2/12/18
Project Information Form
SWM Design Checklist - November 2017
Road Review Design Checklist
360˚ Map Requirements/Examples
FTP Instructions
LAYTRANS (Layer) Translator
SCDHEC NOI Application
Single Family Resident Erosion/Sediment Control Standards Booklet
Linear Projects Checklist – updated 8/3/18

Primary Permittee/Project Owner Information and Forms
Acknowledgement of Primary Permittee Responsibilities - CGP
LDD Fee Schedule - 7/1/17
Primary Permittee Responsibilities - CGP
Resource Remediation Fund Certification

Stormwater Management Facility Reference Materials and Forms
Commercial Stormwater Management Facility Maintenance Agreement (Single Owner)
LID (Green Infrastructure) As-Built Certification Form
Phase-Sequence Verification - 3/17/17
Phase-Sequence Verification Form
Stormwater Management Facility As-Built Certification Form
Stormwater Management Facility Restrictive Covenant Language
Subdivisions Stormwater Management Facility Maintenance Agreement

Permit Closeout Documents
Notice of Required Stormwater Management Pond Acceptance form
Residential Project Closeout
Stabilization Notes

Other Agency Links
Certified Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Inspector (CEPSCI) Program
Federal Water Pollution Control Act (EPA)
NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Permitting Program
SCDHEC Construction General Permit
SCDHEC Erosion and Sediment Reduction and Stormwater Management Regulations
SCDHEC NPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities
SCDHEC Stormwater Applications and Forms
SCDHEC Stormwater (NPDES) Permit Design Aids and Technical Documents
SCDHEC Stormwater Management and Sediment Reduction Act
US Army Corps of Engineers