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Land Development

The Land Development Division reviews engineering plans for stormwater compliance on construction sites prior to issuance of a grading permit. Additionally, plans are reviewed to ensure compliance to standards as outlined in the Land Development Regulations (LDR) for new subdivisions. We also provide review and inspection services for developing sites to verify that construction adheres to the approved plans.

This division implements the water quality components of the NPDES permit, which is the compliance system for the Clean Water Act.

Report Water Pollution

Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect and strengthen the general water quality through effectual stormwater management strategies. To maintain a high level of flood protection through sound planning and innovative engineering solutions, to maintain infrastructure integrity, to protect public safety and private property and to provide a prominent level of customer service and communication to the public, private, and governmental sectors.


Our vision is to be committed to protecting, maintaining and enhancing the environment through responsible stewardship and creative site planning of the natural and economic resources that make up our unique community. Encouraging and valuing citizen communication by building partnerships and educating all citizens to ensure an enhanced quality of life for present and future generations.