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Metropolitan Sewer Sub-District

Purpose(s)/Service(s): provide for sewer connection
Enabling Legislation: Act of General Assembly No. 687 (1969); 1842 (1972); County Council Ordinance No. 988.

Pursuant to Acts Nos. 687 and 1842, the Sub-District is governed by the Metropolitan Sewer Sub-District (MSSD) Commission consisting of five (5) members appointed by the governor upon the recommendation of County Council. The governor fills any vacancies upon the recommendation of a majority of County Council. Each commissioner serves for a term of four years. The district is situated wholly within the boundaries of Greenville County, South Carolina but covers and includes various areas located in different parts of the county.

Powers and Duties
The commission is authorized:

  • To acquire, construct, maintain, operate, improve and extend sewage collector lateral lines and related facilities and equipment for the collection of sewage within the district,
  • To conduct or contract for engineering studies and plans looking forward to an orderly development of sewage disposal facilities within the Sub-District,
  • To recommend to Greenville County Council and the Greenville County Legislative Delegation the establishment of any Sub-District to come out of the area of the MSSD as population growth and need for sewage disposal facilities develop,
  • To consent to the annexation of any of its area by any organized Sub-District municipality within the area of the Greenville County Sewer Authority if, at the discretion of the MSSD Commission, such annexation would reasonably facilitate or improve collection and disposal of sewage,
  • To exercise the power of eminent domain.

For additional powers and duties see Act No. 1842 of 1972.

This commission meets the third Monday of the month at 3:00 p.m. at 120 Augusta Arbor Way. Contact person is Michael F. Dickson, General Manager, 864.277.4442. (Meeting dates may change due to scheduled holidays.)

Metropolitan Sewer Sub-District Commission
120 Augusta Arbor Way
Greenville, SC 29605
Telephone: 864.277.4442
Fax: 864.277.4272