Bobby Parks Evans, JR
Bobby Parks Evans, JR
D-ABMDI - County Coroner

The Coroners office provides the following services: Death scene response and investigation, making positive identification, notifying next of kin, reports and record keeping, training and speaking engagements, and statistical reporting.

The speaking engagements that the office is involved in consist of child safety, drivers education, community awareness, infant care safety, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, duties of the coroner, crime scene preservation, survivors of suicide, seatbelt use, child restraint devices, and teen death follow-up at schools.

  • Mike Ellis D-ABMDI Chief Deputy Coroner
  • Sharon Craver D-ABMDI Administrative Assistant
  • Dee Ivie Administrative Assistant
  • Kent Dill D-ABMDI
  • Jeff Fowler D-ABMDI
  • Tony Segars
  • Barry Wright D-ABMDI
  • Morgan McCall

Contact Information
1190 West Faris Road
Greenville, SC 29605
864.522.1870 Office
864.522.1879 Fax