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GCACS Aerial Photo
Who We Are:
As an open admission, county government facility, Animal Care serves all the pets of Greenville County and the stray pets of Spartanburg County. We provide a safe home and medical health care each year to over 20,000 of the neediest animals of Greenville & Spartanburg counties, including lost, stray, surrendered, injured, and abused animals.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • All stray pets are brought to Animal Care and we work to reunite them with their family.
  • We accept all surrendered pets regardless of their age, breed, or health status.
  • We provide foster care and adoption services and our goal is to find a home for every adoptable animal.
  • We network with animal rescue agencies across the US and Canada to provide second chances at life to animals.
  • We offer a variety of services to the public, such as spay /neuter, wellness services, vaccinations, and micro-chipping.
  • We house court ordered seized animals such as abused animals and animals from hoarders and puppy mills.
  • We offer guidance and referrals to people at risk of surrendering their pet for financial reasons.
  • We provide volunteer opportunities to help the animals living here.
Animal Control
We do not provide animal control services, such as picking up stray animals and investigating complaints. Please click here for a listing of animal control agencies in your area.


Our Vision:
Greenville County Animal Care will transform how our community cares for companion pets through affordable, high quality wellness, adoptions, spay-neuter and humane education, resulting in responsible guardianship where animals do not suffer because of human abuse, neglect or ignorance.
Our Mission:
Mission Our mission at Greenville County Animal Care is to partner with our community to educate and encourage compassionate citizenship, thereby enriching the lives of companion animals and promoting responsible pet guardianship through services designed to reduce pet overpopulation and improve pet reclamation, retention, and rehoming efforts.